For Merchants

Present your company on our innovative advertising platform and take advantage of our unique customer binding and customer acquisition system.

You’ll get a professional team at your service, and a complete marketing concept in three major European languages. Apart of this, we market your advert on a regular basis on all relevant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

We provide you with an attractive, modern design with selected pictures, texting and all your contact data at a very competitive price.

  • • Powerful with customer business potential Europe-wide
  • • Professional in presence, text and photos
  • • Smart with the bony Bonus Discount System
  • • Quick to find everywhere with the APP
  • • Personal through our own local representative

For Customers

Take advantage of the savings opportunities. Convince yourself of our intelligent and smart bonus system, that not only enables your search for attractive providers in gastronomy, services and leisure, but also guarantees you an exact search result with GPS tracking.

With your mobile device you can check beforehand all the offers in a comfortable and efficient way.

Use our innovative system for shopping on a regular basis and you’ll see immediately, how easy and fun it can be. With our bonus system you’ll always get 3 times more value for your money.

  • • Free APP
  • • 3 times more value for your money
  • • Starting balance
  • • Europe-wide, on holidays or business trip

How does it work?


Saving money has now got a name:! Register yourself and you will immediately receive a credit of 5 bony (= 5 Euro). Permanent discounts guarantee the bony. Bonus-system with triple value. Exchange advantage: 1 Euro = 3 bony´s.


Practical, easy and quick: you'll find on our portal attractive providers from the sectors service, commerce, handcraft, gastronomy, sport and leisure. With the free APP with radius search over mobile, tablet, and smartphone or at home with internet you will find lucrative offers in your neighbourhood.

Save money

Very easily: 3 times more for your money e.g. for 10 Euros you receive 30 bony´s (converted value 30 Euros) that means when you go shopping or in a restaurant you'll get 1 Euro discount for each converted bony. Use easily and comfortably the Europe-wide conversion possibilities of bony´s!

Download our FREE App and start saving now!

Android 4.0.3 or better  
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