Clear answers to your questions

The App is available in the GooglePlayStore or by searching for BonyPay on the Android-Operation System from Version 4.0.1 on. In the APP Store from Apple there will be a version available shortly.

You can also get it directly from here: get App

On our Webpage you find a Button „Generate account“. If you click on it a window will be open where you can register your data. After sending the data you will receive an email on the declared adress with your login details.

After the installation of the APP and the registration in the Bonussystem you have to registrate your equipment. To do this you have to fullfill in the field „User“ the specified E-Mail Adress. Next fullfill the transmitted Password. This can be changed after the log-In under “adjustments”. Finally you have to introduce a four-digit code, which you invent properly and which you may not forget. Later this code serves the authorisation of deals with the APP.

On our Webpage over the button „Buy Bony´s“, you can deposit a random amount, which you can then exchange in all our partner corporations. As a salutatory we will book 5 Bony as Startcredit . The interchange rate is 1:3. That means, you pay f.ex. 10 € and therefore you will receive 30 Bony (1 Bony = 1 € Change value). The invoice from our publicity partner will be reduced by the specified amount through the company. Example: A Restaurant gives 5 Bony Discount for an invoice with more than 30€. That means, you pay only 25 € and aditionally 5 Bony over your Handy/Smartphone/Tablet.

Send an e-mail to and tell us what problem you have with the App. We will answer you rapid and offer you a solution.

 Finding new clients over our APP with circumference search and our Internet portal.
 Fixation of existing clients through permanent use of your proper specified discounts.
 Professional presence on our portal with photos, detailed Texts and all contact details.
 Extensive publication of your publicity in the known Social-Media-Portals (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) during the period of validity.
 Personal assistance and consultation through a local representative.
 A economic publicity possibility in the Internet.

On our site we have the contact menu from our sales head office in Germany and Spain (Language: German, English, Spanish). These find a representative near of you for a personal conversation.