Kosmetikstudio Bianca Köhler

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Beauty, Wellness and relaxation!

Water means life. Water is the fountain for our beauty and our well-being!”...and your well-being is my focus.

Our well-being suffers often when body and spirit are not relaxed enough. Time has become fast moving.  Stress and hectic in every days life lets us forget to supply new energies to the body. Our skin plays a central role. It is the organ, which lets us recognize quickly, that we are in need of new energy. As the skin is the mirror picture of the soul.

I invite you cordially to escape from the daily stress and to stop the time for one to two hours.

Bianca Köhler

(Stately recognized cosmetician)

If you need further information or you want to do an appointment, then I look forward to receive a phone call (04791 – 309 2020) or a visit in the Will – Quadflieg Str. 24 (turning circle) in Osterholz - Scharmbeck!

Kosmetikstudio Bianca Köhler
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